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CCTV Security Camera
A CCTV camera will offer twenty-four hour surveillance and Fineview is a company that specializes in advanced security systems, and our CCTV camera packages.
2008/ 07/ 08

A CCTV camera will offer twenty-four hour surveillance and Fineview is a company that specializes in advanced security systems,
and our CCTV camera packages are the ideal choice for those who want to carryout surveillance of their premises from anywhere and at any time.
The CCTV camera packages allow for trouble-free remote access and the images captured by the CCTV camera may be viewed either in real time
or as playback images. The fact that we offer various CCTV cameras with various capabilities,
the CCTV cameras offered by Fineview are used by businesses as well as private individuals who are looking for
a CCTV camera that will allow for internet as well as mobile phone viewing by way of remote access through 3G mobile phones.
However, more than just supplying a CCTV camera, our vast experience and knowledge of the CCTV camera allows
us to offer practical recommendations on how best to position the CCTV camera, and we also recommend which area is best to have
a CCTV camera installed in terms of an area that will allow for better surveillance and enhanced security.
Due to the fact that a CCTV camera can offer around-the-clock surveillance, property owners are given the peace of mind that their property
and valuables are secure. The LG CCTV cameras will be sold with a 24 month warranty and a 12 month onsite warranty, while the other makes
of CCTV cameras are sold with a 12 month warranty.
A DIY CCTV camera is ideal for the homeowner who wants to have the assurance that their property is
under twenty-four hour surveillance and is the perfect choice for the homeowner who has the know-how to carry out the CCTV camera installation.
The DIY CCTV camera kit is supplied with dome cameras, two vandal dome IR cameras, two 10m BNC cables and a four-way power splitter with cables.
This CCTV camera kit has all the necessary components that will allow for effective home surveillance and the entire system is priced at just $1,200, including GST.
However, Fineview has a number of CCTV camera packages, and the online user can obtain additional information
on each of the CCTV camera packages by visiting our website.
A Closed Circuit Television Camera, or a CCTV camera, will allow the property to have a continual watch over their property
and their valuables and since Fineview has different CCTV cameras, each of which can meet the needs of commercial, industrial,
and domestic clients, our clients will find the prefect CCTV camera which meets their specific security and monitoring needs.
By visiting our website, www.finesecurity.com.au, online users can also see the remote viewing demo,
and the additional security products offered, such as the intercom systems and the alarm packages.
If you are looking for a good deal on state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, insist on dealing with a leader in cameras-insist on Fineview.
Fineview also extends maintenance and servicing for CCTV cameras, and our vast knowledge and experience in this area will exceed our client's expectations .