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CCTV Camera systems
Fineview specializes in state-of-the-art security systems and our CCTV cameras are the perfect option for those who need to monitor their premises from anywhere.
2008/ 07/ 08

Fineview specializes in state-of-the-art security systems and our CCTV cameras are the perfect option for those who need to monitor their premises
from anywhere and at any time. We offer CCTV cameras which cater to remote access, and the images which are captured can be viewed in real time or as playbacks.
The CCTV cameras which are offered by Fineview include CCTV cameras for business usage and home usage
for CCTV cameras which allows for internet or mobile phone viewing by way of remote access via 3G mobile phones.
The DIY CCTV cameras are the prefect camera choice for homeowners who are looking for the assurance that their property
and family are afforded the best security and for those who have the knowledge of how to install CCTV cameras.
The DIY kits consist of dome cameras, two vandal dome IR cameras, two 10m BNC cables and a four-way power splitter with cables.
This full DIY CCTV camera kit contain all the items which will allow for total and effective home surveillance and the full system costs just $1,200, including GST.
Fineview offers many different CCTV cameras and CCTV pd Circuit Television System, or CCTV systackages, and for the online user who requires additional information
about the CCTV cameras and packages can see each of the packages in detail via our website.
Closeems, give a home or property owner the chance to keep continual watch over their property and their valuables, and because
Fineview has the CCTV cameras which can suit the needs of commercial, industrial and domestic clients, our clients
will find the right CCTV cameras which can best cater to their specific security and monitoring needs. In addition to the supply of the CCTV cameras,
we can also provide recommendations on how to position the CCTV cameras, and give advice on the best area to have the CCTV cameras installed,
which will cater to better security and better viewing.
Since the CCTV cameras offer around-the-clock, surveillance property owners are afforded peace of mind that their property and valuables are monitored throughout
the day and night. Each of the LG CCTV cameras is sold with a 24 month warranty and a 12 month onsite warranty, and the other types of CCTV cameras
will receive a 12 month warranty. Fineview is committed to offering its clients the very best in customer service and in customer satisfaction, and should
the CCTV cameras need maintenance or servicing, our knowledge and experience in this area will more than meet our clients' expectations.
While browsing our website, viewing the different types of CCTV cameras on offer, be sure to view the latest projects which Fineview has completed and where our
CCTV cameras have enhanced security. Via our website, www.finesecurity.com.au, online users can also view the remote viewing demo,
and see the other types of security products which are offered, like the intercom systems and the alarm packages.
Insist on dealing with a leader in CCTV cameras-insist on Fineview .