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CCTV System
A CCTV system, or Closed Circuit Television System, will allow a home or property owner to keep a continual watch over their property and their valuables.
2008/ 07/ 08

A CCTV system, or Closed Circuit Television System, will allow a home or property owner to keep a continual watch over their property and their valuables,
and since Fineview is able to offer a CCTV system to commercial, industrial and domestic clients,
our clients are assured of finding the correct CCTV system that will be suit their specific security needs.
At present, we have almost ten different types of CCTV systems or packages and the CCTV system which has been designed for home use is supplied with vandal and weatherproof cameras,
external lenses, real time recording capabilities and 3G mobile view capabilities.
The CCTV system package also includes four cameras, as well as all the materials needed,
and the CCTV system will be installed by Fineview.
We have the right CCTV system to serve as a home security system, or a CCTV system best suited for retail store surveillance,
factory and warehouse surveillance, or a CCTV system for
a multi-story building security. In terms of the home or office CCTV system, we also offer DIY packages and the DIY CCTV systems are the ideal systems for homeowners who are seeking the assurance that their property and family are always protected and those who have the knowledge of how to go about installing a CCTV system.
The DIY kits are made up of dome cameras, two vandal dome IR cameras, two 10m BNC cables and a four-way power splitter with cables.
This complete DIY CCTV system kit is all that is necessary for effective home surveillance and the complete system costs only $1,200, including GST.
Fineview is determined to offer their clients the best quality customer service, and in the event that a CCTV system requires maintenance, we will ensure that our clients' expectations are not only met, but exceeded. In light of the fact that Fineview is a specialist supplier of CCTV systems,
clients who are experiencing difficulties with their existing CCTV systems can make use of our professional repair services,
and we will carry out an inspection on the system and find the correct solution.
We also offer assistance with the positioning of a CCTV system,
and will offer recommendations on the best area to have the CCTV system installed to allow it to enhance security.
The fact that a CCTV system is able to provide 24 hour, 7 day a week view surveillance of
the property, gives the property owner the peace of mind that the property is continually monitored
and is in good hands.
All LG CCTV systems are sold with a 24 month warranty and a 12 month onsite service,
while the other types of systems will be given a 12 month warranty.
To see the different types of CCTV system packages offered, take a moment to browse the Fineview website and allow our company to take care of all your security needs.
While visiting our website, feel free to view the latest projects
that Fineview has completed, which are posted on our website, www.finesecurity.com.au, and in addition,
be sure to go through the remote viewing demo, and the additional security products offered, such as the intercom systems and the alarm packages