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CCTV Cameras Surveillance
Cameras are used for Surveillance around the world, and with so many different Cameras, buyers often feel overwhelmed and are uncertain as to which Cameras to select..
2008/ 07/ 08

Cameras are used for Surveillance around the world, and with so many different Cameras,
buyers often feel overwhelmed and are uncertain as to which Cameras to select. Fineview offers Camera for Surveillance systems to commercial,
industrial and domestic buyers and our Cameras are used as Surveillance for retail shops, factories, and warehouses,
and we also offer Cameras for Surveillance of offices and multi-story buildings.
Our DIY kits are made up of all the necessary Cameras and attachments which allow for trouble-free Surveillance,
and considering that the price of these kits is only $1,200, the kits are the ideal choice for those who are seeking
home Cameras which will allow for around-the-clock Surveillance.
Fineview is dedicated to providing the best quality customer service, and when Cameras are needed to carry out Surveillance,
we will go the extra mile to make certain that our customer's expectations are not only met by exceeded.
The Cameras for Surveillance purposes can be used to improve security and in many cases,
home or property owners have Cameras installed as the constant Surveillance on their properties to deter against vandalism.
The DIY kits include two dome Cameras, 2 vandal dome IR Cameras, 2 10m BNC cables and a four-way power splitter with cables.
This kit is all that is needed to carry out home Surveillance, and in addition to the DIY CCTV packages,
we stock CCTV packages which require installation by professionals.
The DIY packages are the perfect Camera choice for the homeowner who wants the assurance that their property
and family is always under Surveillance and who has the know-how to install the Cameras on their own.
In light of the fact that Fineview is a specialist in the Surveillance and security industry,
we extend our services to those who are experiencing difficulties with their existing Cameras and our range of services,
including inspection of the Cameras, and should the right Surveillance not be achieved with the Cameras,
our experts will find a solution to the problem. We will give recommendations on the right positioning of the Cameras which will enhance their
Surveillance abilities, and we can also resolve problems such as a shaky picture, blurry image and we can rectify
Cameras which are unable to offer Surveillance at night. To see the latest projects that Fineview has completed,
take a moment to browse the Fineview website, www.finesecurity.com.au, and while viewing the success which our
Cameras have had in terms of increased Surveillance, feel free to view the remote viewing demo posted on our website.
The Cameras offered on our site are the most advanced Surveillance systems on the market,
and research has shown that when Cameras are used as a means of security, the Surveillance is
a major deterrent to all would-be thieves and property vandals. The Cameras offer 24 hour,
7 day Surveillance and this assures the property owner that property and valuables are in good hands.
To see the different packages offered, feel free pay a visit to the Fineview website and let our company take care of all your Camera and Surveillance needs.