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Pay as you go Surveillance System for "Construction site" From $49.95/week For Residential, Commercial, Industrial Site Top 5 Reasons for leasing a surveillance system for your construction site :Theft - All construction sites have a great deal of risk of theft and vandalism and sadly, majority of this are committed internally. Installing surveillance cameras not only can abate theft from outsiders but also can stop internal theft and vandalism. Insurance – Australian law heavily favours the workers when accidents happen on work sites so without a way to prove your workers weren't hurt on the job, you are extremely vulnerable to abuses of the workcover or insurance systems. By installing surveillance systems you can monitor their behaviour during whole construction process and have genuine evidence on your side when you need it. Peace of mind – Other reason for installing cameras at construction sites is for peace of mind. Knowing your assets are protected makes it a valid investment. Flexibility – We are flexible. You simply decide when you need it from a few weeks to many months and Fineview will look after all the hassles for you. And its innovative structure makes it easy to change monitoring areas during the construction process. PAYG – No up-front payment, No contract. You only need to make monthly payments as you go rather than paying aheaps up-front. INTERNET MONITORING - WHENEVER, WHEREVER YOU ARE